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General Questions

What exactly is Infinitec Formulation?

It is an advanced formulation web-platform where you will find our exciting formulation collections using current trends together with our innovative delivery systems. Here we offer solutions and formulation guidance according to our products in various applications and advise in formulation support and challenges that you may face with your product development. We understand how important application technology is with our delivery systems and this is why we have created the Formulation Hub to combine our innovative products with formulation expertise and deliver the solutions you need. At Formulation Hub we focus on bundling all our product information, so that customers can expect fast and easy access to all the information they need.

Is it available in my country

Yes, it is available worldwide.

Can anyone access it?

Yes. Although the Formulation Hub is specifically designed for industry professionals, formulators, R&D specialists, manufacturers of finished product and distributors, we encourage anyone who is interested in discovering our latest product innovations, browse for fresh ideas and be inspired through our sophisticated formulations.

Which areas can I explore and what can I expect?

• Discover our latest product innovations and new ingredients
• Be inspired by our prototype collection lines
• Search for solution and claim based formulations
• Gain expert advice for formulation support
• Expand your knowledge and keep-up-to-date with the latest trends in our blog

Can I request a sample of the collection?

Yes, we offer full-size product samples. To request samples or to discuss our available products, please feel free to contact us or use the link provided within the website. A commercial representative will contact you for further details and be happy to assist you

I need documentation regarding the formulations shown on the website. Where can I get this?

Product-related downloads including available presentations, brochures, catalogues and datasheets regarding formulation are all available and can be downloaded if needed from the website.

Can you help me with my formulation development using Infinitec products?

Yes! Our Formulation Support can offer you guidance and help troubleshoot formulation problems. You can contact us via our Formulation Support portal and we will be happy to get back to you.

I am looking for a serum-based formulation with anti-aging claim. Where can I find this?

You can search under our Solutions tap per category and condition where you will find our wide range of formulations that can be tailored to your needs. If you wish to discuss more options, please use the contact us form in the Formulation Support.

Formulation Questions

Do you carry the most up-to-date ingredients?

Yes, we are constantly up to date on the latest functional ingredients. We maintain a close relationship with many raw material suppliers and are always first to know about new discoveries.

Do you formulate with natural or organic ingredients?

Depending on the formulation and specifications, we can formulate with natural and organic ingredients.

I want to replicate the prototype formulation. Can I change the preservative for another one?

Yes, existing prototype formulations on the website can be adaptable to the customers needs. We can offer you support through your formulation development and advise in any changes you want to make to the prototype formulation.

Are there any compatibility issues that I should be aware of regarding the active products?

Our guided formulation sheets include product compatibilities to help you understand the product prior to formulating. These guided formulation sheets are available online and can be downloaded through the website.

Do you run stability tests on the prototype formulations?

All of our prototype formulations are run under stability to ensure the formulations we create are stable over a period of time.

The guided formulation sheet states to add below 40ºC when formulating, but I need to add it at high temperature. What can I do?

We encourage you to follow the guided formulation sheets as stated to ensure our active products are stable and deliver the highest efficacy within your formulation. You can also complete our contact us form in the Formulation Support and we will contact you as soon as possible to answer any questions you may further have and assist your needs.

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